What products do you have to offer?

We have accessories and bags, as well as home decor products.


What makes Custom2Fly different from the rest?

Firstly, we take your image, and turn it into a drawing! How cool is that?! We then use that drawn image on whichever products you’d like! Secondly, our 2Fly Queens (Ashanti, Monifa and Imara) are original artwork; therefore, they belong to us and were not taken from anywhere on the Internet. 


Are your products only meant for those who travel?

Absolutely not! Many of our products can be used for work, school and even going to the gym. 


Which items can be customized?

Any product on our website (unless otherwise mentioned), can be customized with your drawn image! 


Am I limited to the color options I’m presented with?

Definitely not! You can specify the color in the notes during checkout, or feel free to contact us!


Do I get to see a preview of my custom item before it’s made? 

Absolutely! In fact, we don’t begin any work on an item until the preview/sample has been approved. Please ensure you are providing an e-mail with your order that is checked often, as that is where the preview/sample will be sent.


Can I purchase just a drawing?

Unfortunately we don’t offer that at this time.



What happens if I send a full body image? 

The drawing is only of the shoulders up. If you would like the drawing to be from the waist up, or of the full body, those will incur additional fees.  


If I don’t like my picture after it’s been drawn, can I send another? 

We ask that you please, please, please ensure that you are absolutely in love with the picture you are sending. The drawing is a replica, so photos where there is no direct eye contact with the camera, squinting, pouty lips etc, will be reflected as such. Please keep in mind that it is an artists rendering as an animation. Alterations to a submitted picture will be done free of charge, but a new picture will incur an additional fee.  


How long before I receive my items?

Items that are in stock will be shipped out within 2 business days. Please allow 2-4 weeks processing time (unless otherwise noted) for any custom order. Shipping is in addition to the processing time. 
*Please note: we are NOT responsible for any taxes, duties or custom fees you may incur upon delivery. Any undeliverable packages (incorrect or wrongly entered address) are NOT our responsibility. We will try our best to locate the package, but if it needs to be replaced, it must be re-ordered at the regular price. Any packages returned to sender will incur a fee for re-delivery.